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Johanna Lucretia

In the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, the harbours around the United Kingdom and the Irish Sea were teeming with sailing vessels of all description. Many of these ships were ‘skipper owned’ and made a living carrying cargoes of coal, timber, slates and other bulky commodities between coastal ports. With the march of time these handsome vessels and their way of life have all but disappeared.

Our Topsail schooner, Johanna Lucretia continues the tradition of ‘Block n Tackle’ sailing, her cargoes replaced with trainees and passengers seeking the thrill and experience of sailing on a traditional wooden sailing ship.

You are invited to join us, be it for a day trip, bespoke two or three day small group voyage to participating as a full member of the crew as we sail from port to port. (See Sailing Itinerary page for details.)

With good food, friendly surroundings and excellent sailing onboard a well found, safe and comfortable traditional sailing ship, you will be transported back to the days of traditional sailing for an experience of a lifetime! Why not join us? Welcome aboard Johanna Lucretia.